Rev not Cocoa-enough??

Andre Garzia andre at
Mon Sep 15 22:09:56 CDT 2008


yes and no...

Rev applications can't access some stuff that Cocoa applications can.
For example, our field object is not the cocoa framework field object,
we can't have those nice toolbars either... We can't tap the full
cocoalicious things because we'd loose the cross platorm features. The
field object for example needs to behave the same in all platforms, so
in the end, it can't take advantage of all things cocoa frameworks

Yes our applications are bundles and they do call OS and Cocoa
frameworks, but they are not as Native as an XCode + Interface builder
application is. If you want to answer that thread, you can point to
the write once, deploy anywhere nature of Revolution, but you can't
tell that you can have eveything a cocoa app can have because you
actually can't.

What the RunRev team delivers is the best of both worlds, it is as
cocoa as it can be while mantaining cross platorm and feature


On Mon, Sep 15, 2008 at 10:11 PM, Judy Perry
<katheryn.swynford at> wrote:
> Hi,
> I was just reviewing comments on the macNN Rev thread and came upon this one:
> "No cross-platform framework can create an app on the Mac that feels
> as native or as usable as a Cocoa app, and the lack of attention to
> detail shows"
> What?  Am I missing something?  I had thought that Rev made direct
> calls to the OS/other abstract geeky things I don't currently need to
> know about so that the machine on which the Rev app was deployed drew
> native OS controls rather than the Rev engine emulating them.
> Is this not the case?
> Thought that I'd check before I made an idiot of myself for the
> millionth time...
> Regards,
> Judy
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