download limits - Rev CGI?

Jim Ault JimAultWins at
Mon Sep 8 09:42:52 CDT 2008

Yes, this is possible and a typical use of a web server.

Using PHP, this is the same as a visitor counter where the value is written
to a text file.  A Rev-cgi can do the same thing.

Even better for you might be that each download is written to a log file
showing details you would like to keep such as date, time, elapsed time, IP
address, query string, success.

Here is a tutorial on using text files to track a visitor count

courtesy of Jacqueline Landman Gay

Jim Ault
Las Vegas

On 9/8/08 5:19 AM, "Jim Sims" <sims at> wrote:

> I want to set a limit to the number of times a text file(s) can be
> downloaded.
> Example, say I have a group of 100 people eligible to download a file
> (put url "" ) with a Rev app.
> I only want the first fifty to be able to get the file, anyone that
> tries after that would be told "Sorry, snooze and you lose".
> I might want to be able to set up many such limited situations
> at the same time (different files available for different groups).
> I've not done any Rev CGI 'stuff', is this the sort of thing that
> could be done with Rev CGI?
> sims

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