Charset problems passing foreign chars to PHP/MySQL from Mac

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Sat Sep 6 10:20:45 EDT 2008

 I've already tried MacToISO, but it doesn't convert "Rhône" to the right character-encoding:

put MactoISO("Rhône") returns "RhÙne" 


 whereas I need to convert "Rhône" to "Rh%C3%B4ne" in order to pass it to PHP/MySQL and get it to successfully save.

Is there something else I need to do in Revolution (in httpheaders perhaps?) to ensure that data gets passed in UTF8 format?


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Hi rgould8, 

MacToIso seems right to me. Just make sure to use IsoToMac when your database client runs on Mac. 

Better might be UTF8. 


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On 6 sep 2008, at 15:36, rgould8 at wrote: 

> I'm having trouble saving words with special characters into MySQL > from Revolution, and I'm sure I'm just missing something simple: 


> (I hope these special characters come through in this email) 


> Basically I need to pass this word from Revolution (run
ning on my > Mac), into a mySQL database: 


> Rhône 


> If I want to create an URL that I can use to pass Rhône to mySQL and > have it save properly, I use an URL like: 


> put URL "" > into databack 


> If I can get Rhône to convert to Rh%C3%B4ne I'm in business, > however, I've tried MactoISO, ISOtoMac, urlencode - - - everything I > can think of, but I can't seem to get the right conversion: 


> put MactoISO("Rhône") returns "RhÙne" 


> put urlencode("Rhône") returns "Rh%99ne" 


> What is the secret formula to get to "Rhône" to convert to "Rh> %C3%B4ne"? 


> What's REALLY annoying is that if I run my Rev app on a Windows box, > everything saves perfectly.  It's just something to do with being on > the Mac platform.  Not sure why. 



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