tmGauge Digit problem

Scott Rossi scott at
Fri Oct 31 15:16:06 EDT 2008

Recently, James Hurley wrote:

>> I haven't totally tested this out, but *apparently* when setting
>> the points
>> of a polygon via script in Rev 3, if you do not place a closing
>> point loc at
>> the end of the point list that is identical to the starting point
>> loc, Rev
>> will assign some random wacky point loc of its own choosing and
>> potentially
>> cause a polygon object to render wildly out of control.

> I can remember (vaguely) of having problems with open-ended polygons
> in Run Rev v. 2, In the old Turtle Graphic days.
> ...
> The "line" style allows multiple points and doesn't seem to fuss with
> closure.

Thanks Jim -- great to know there's another option.  Once again, Revolution
provides multiple ways to solve problems. :-)


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