OT: How fast can apple replace a battery?

Richard Gaskin ambassador at fourthworld.com
Wed Oct 29 18:18:16 EDT 2008

Andre Garzia:
 > I think my macbook been affected by that problem with batteries
 > which apple issued a recall. My father will be at NYC for two
 > days only. Do apple replace the battery on the spot?

I've had disappointing service from Apple stores, and great service from 
their HQ.  Given the runaround the "Genius" bars are earning a 
reputation for, you may find that it actually takes less time to mail 
the battery to Apple than wait for anything that might happen through 
the store.  Heck, you could probably strap it to a carrier pigeon and 
have it back in less time than a "Genius" would spend enumerating the 
many reasons he can't help you in the store. :)

It may even be that it's not possible to do this in the store.  The last 
battery recall I was affected by gave explicit instructions only to 
contact Cupertino or your local regional office for replacements:

Hopefully the page for your recall will be as clear.

Good luck.  Being without a battery is a drag.

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