Software licenses

william humphrey shoreagent at
Tue Oct 28 13:41:52 EDT 2008

Thanks Lynn
This is the sort of feed-back I need to help in the planing. I intend to use
Source Forge for the distribution. I expect that the private companies that
presently develop this software will be the only ones that download it. I
hope that they will contribute and not just steal ideas. I also expect that
the huge companies which use this stuff will be told that open-source can't
be any good but it will be an interesting experiment. For me, at most, I
hope to get some consulting work in my industry so I will be compensated. I
also hope that it will drive some interest from the present (almost all
microsoft server stuff) software to Valentina and RunRev.

We certainly have an advantage as the expensive stuff produced in house is
truly terrible. It takes a team of three people to produce manifests over
about four days while the RunRev/Valentina project can handle the same load
with only one person in one day. There are also several programs released
for anyone to use by U.S. Customs and others. Lately they are written using
info-path and produce XML that is sent to the gov't databases with SOAP
calls. The Info-path stuff is really really bad-- only a step up from filing
out paper forms.


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