Daylight Savings Time

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Tue Oct 28 08:50:07 EDT 2008

Bonjour Colin,

Le 28 oct. 08 à 13:15, Colin Holgate a écrit :

> convert the date to seconds
> put it into d1
> convert "6/6/06" to seconds
> put it into d2
> put (d1-d2) mod 86400 = 0

This works well for me:

function DaylightSavingsTimeIsActive
   local tCurDate,tRefDate
   put the short date into tCurDate
   convert tCurDate from short date to dateItems
   put tCurDate into tRefDate
   repeat with i = 2 to 3
     put 1 into item i of tRefDate
     -- January first
   end repeat
   convert tRefDate from dateItems to dateItems
   -- updates last item of dateItems value
   convert tCurDate from dateItems to seconds
   convert tRefDate from dateItems to seconds
   return (tRefDate - tCurDate) mod 86400 = 0
end DaylightSavingsTimeIsActive

Note that I always prefer to convert from a format to another format:
This ensures the process :-)

Best regards from Paris,
Eric Chatonet.
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