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Sun Oct 26 21:46:27 EDT 2008

Larry Watts wrote:
> hi Mark,
> What I'm really wondering how to do is this:
> I have a button script running with a lot of repeat statements in it. 
> Depending upon the input, the script will run for 5 minutes to an hour.  
> I want the user to be able to interrupt the script by clicking on 
> another button on the card.  But as I understand it, Rev cannot do that 
> because the first button has the focus until the entire script is 
> finished running. Is there a way to work around this limitation of Rev?

Yes, and the workaround is the preferred method. Running a repeat loop 
that long doesn't just lock up Rev, it locks up the whole CPU. Here's 
the preferred solution: <>.

For shorter repeat loops I add a "wait 1 with messages" inside the loop, 
which gives a slice of time to other apps and to other Revolution 
messages. But for long repeats, you should do the above.

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