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Wilhelm Sanke sanke at hrz.uni-kassel.de
Fri Oct 24 05:42:24 EDT 2008

Scott Rossi wrote:

> > I am wondering if we could avoid or suppress the flickering that appears
> > when taking the snapshot?
> Yes, there are probably a couple of ways to eliminate the visible
> selection/creation of the mask (which is surprisingly more trouble than
> expected), but the intention of this stack to was to demonstrate the 
> process
> for Jim Hurley.  This was not intended to be a finished tool/library for
> developers.  I believed it would be more informative for Jim to see 
> what was
> was happening rather than keeping process hidden.
> Regards,
> Scott Rossi
> Creative Director

I thought that somewhere I had found a solution to avoid the flicker, 
but could not find it. Maybe we should "export" the snapshot to a file 
(instead of "import" ) and then use this file to build mask and oval 
image? Not tested at the moment, just a thought. Setting "lock screen" 
in your script does not help, we will get an empty image then.

I agree with you on the point that your and my examples are not finished 
tools, but rather demonstrations of different ways and problems to 
create masks and oval selections out of an image. This had been my 

For a complete tool, we indeed need to answer the question what should 
be done with the produced oval selections (or with other shapes).
In the case of my "Seamless Tiles 2" stack the selection  is converted 
into a seamless tile, in stack "Photo Patchworks" the results of the 
differently shaped selection tools can then be resized, flipped, 
rotated, skewed etc., and moved to another place in the original or 
inside another image, and the essential process is then to "patch" the 
selection back into the image with optional degrees of blending.-

I think there are no hidden processes in my sample stack. All scripts 
are accessible. I have also just added the text of my last post of 
yesterday to this list as a short introduction to the stack.

What may not be obvious is probably how the masks of my hidden images 
have been created. But they have been created outside of Revolution with 
the help of a photo tool like "Photoshop" or "PaintShop Pro". This time 
I had used "RealDraw Pro", as I mentioned in one of my posts of this thread.

Best regards,

Wilhelm Sanke
University of Kassel, Germany
Education and Educational Technology
Prof. emeritus

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