OT: "take-up of netbooks has been staggering"

Richard Gaskin ambassador at fourthworld.com
Thu Oct 23 14:13:20 EDT 2008

Bernard Devlin wrote:
> It was various issues with the engine and the IDE.  Problems with hanging
> and crashing, memory leaking, the script editor being very slow, the
> backdrop not working properly (window decorations disappearing until next
> restart), virtual desktops not working, etc.
> Maybe some of those issues are related to the plugins I was using.  On OS X
> I've not used any plugins for about a week, and I've not had a single crash
> (although I've had a couple of lockups that are known bugs).

Good to hear, though it would be interesting to learn which, if any, 
plugins contributed to the anomalies.

I'll be doing more work in Linux over the next three months, and I'll 
report back here if I find anything disturbing there (beyond the 
appearance of fields borders set to two pixels; yeck).

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