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> Mark Srebnik wrote:
> > 2. Good Way to Edit Background Group Across Multiple Cards
> >
> > Found myself editing February card and then realizing that this was
> > probably a mistake, as I'd need to make the same corrections to about
> > 9-10 more cards...one for each month....
> >
> > Seems to me know that it would make more sense to have design that
> > carries over month to month so that you don't have to change each
> > month individually if you have changes. However, maybe that's not
> > possible with this tutorial as each month has different days in it??
> Right. Fields in background groups have a property called "sharedText"
> which determines whether the text is the same on all cards or varies for
> each card. For labels and such, you usually want them shared. For other
> things (like the calendar dates) you don't. In this tutorial, you want
> to share field text for things like the days of the week, but not for
> the calendar days themselves or the name of the month. Regardless, the
> field is being shared; the only difference is whether the text varies
> card-to-card or not. This allows you to change things like the field
> placement, size, color, font, etc. and the changes will appear on every
> card that uses the shared group. Only the text will change on each card.
> For this tutorial you just type in all the dates for every month, and
> since the sharedtext of that field is false, Rev will keep track of
> which card shows what dates. However, there are lots of scripts floating
> around that will auto-calculate the dates that should appear in each
> month. I think RR decided this would be too much for a beginner tutorial
> so they left it out.
> A more advanced tutorial would probably not do a calendar this way. One
> method I've used is to have only a single card that auto-calculates and
> enters the dates when the user changes months, and any user entries
> (like appointments) are stored in a custom property and dynamically
> loaded into the field on demand when the month is displayed. That's a
> bit much for a basic beginner tutorial though.
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