stack design with externals?

Tiemo Hollmann TB toolbook at
Fri Oct 17 02:10:30 CDT 2008


just making my first project with externals (valentina in this case), I
started the project with a main stack, which carries most of the
functionality and some substacks. I added the valentina externals to the
main stack, build the standalone of my main stack and everything works so

If I now would change the design of my project with building a separate
splash stack (app/exe), which calls after start my main stack file (rev),
this splash stack would get the standalone app and my main stack is only a
standard stack file, where I can't assign anymore any externals. In this
scenario I had to assign the externals to the splash stack, because that's
the one I build the standalone of. But probably my main stack couldn't find
the externals anymore, after the splash stack is closed and the main stack
is open. (didn't tested it yet). And anyway I would have wanted the splash
stack as small as possible and not with bound externals. Now I am puzzled.

Is my approach with a separate splash stack not possible with externals and
a splash stack can only be the main stack in a standalone and my current
main stack has to get a substack? Or am I on the wrong lane at all and don't
have to care where to assign the externals and runrev will find them anyway?

Thanks for enlightening





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