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Hello Chipp,

The experienced users seem to have had this solution (the old suckUp spitOut trick) since years I am so proud of since the weekend. Exactly thats it. 
Because I even could embed some unprotected stacks I would use in this way in standalones instead of putting it in a separated .rev file:

A question to the experienced:

The old 2.2.1 standalones have been #!/bin/sh encapsulated stack files and the old decompile script from the list could decompile the stacks from the standalones (the stacks stay password protected to be shure). The standalones now seem to be changed in format and technique  (I checked this on 2.7 a year ago on linux and win) and the decompile script from the eldest does not work anymore. Q: Is it possible to decompile  current standalones with such a short script?

(Please not the answer: you can decompile any program ... ;-) I am no assembler. 

Regards, Franz
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on mouseUp
answer file "Standalone"
if it is "cancel" then exit to top
put url ("binfile:"&it) into tStack
repeat forever
-- there's more than one stackfile in there which isinteresting ;-)
put offset("#!/bin/sh",char 10 to -1 of tStack) into tOff
if tOff = 0 then exit repeat
put char tOff+9 to -1 of tStack into tStack
end repeat
ask file "Stack"
if it is "cancel" then exit to top
set the fileType to "RevoRSTK"
put tStack into url ("binfile:"&it)
answer "conversion finished" with "OK"
end mouseUp


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The way I read it-- it's the old suckUp spitOut trick but encrypting
the stack beforehand. The idea being it's not necessary to password
protect the stack as anyone trying to read the file format won't be
able to make sense of it. Therefore, after 'spitting out' you can use
it just like any non-password protected stack. Perhaps I'm wrong, but
that's what I get from the rather vague post.

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