How does RunRev finds externals when building the standalone? --> SOLVED! :-)

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Sat Oct 11 09:15:18 EDT 2008

On 10/11/08 12:52 PM, "Tiemo Hollmann TB" <toolbook at> wrote:

Hi Tiemo,

> Hi Ruslan,
> finally we got it!

Excellent! :-)

> After I didn't got the database drivers folder created, I
> didn't tried to build the deployment anymore. You were right, it worked
> already only with the v4rev.bundle.


> Now I also found out how to get the
> database drivers bundle bound. I had to check in the standalone settings
> beside Valentina2 also the database script library.

Of course. I have point this 2-3 days ago.
Exists 2 list boxes in the dialog box.

> For those who will follow this thread someday building a Rev-Valentina Mac
> standalone on Win XP, here is the compendium:

> First follow the Valentina install instructions.

> Now follow these steps for Universal standalone on Win XP:

> Create dir: .../Runtime/MAC OS X/Universal/Externals

> Put bundle: .../Runtime/MAC OS X/Universal/Externals/V4REV.bundle (copied
> from V4Rev_3 folder on Mac, after having installed V4Rev_3 on Mac)

> Create file: .../Runtime/MAC OS X/Universal/Externals/Externals.txt (content
> one line: Valentina2,v4rev.bundle) don't take the TXTs from Win!

> Create dir: .../Runtime/MAC OS X/Universal/Externals/Database Drivers

> Put bundle: .../Runtime/MAC OS X/Universal/Externals/Database
> Drivers/dbvalentina2 (copied from V4Rev_3 folder on Mac, after having
> installed V4Rev_3 on Mac)

> Create file: .../Runtime/MAC OS X/Universal/Externals/Database
> Drivers/Database Drivers.txt (content one line: Valentina2,dbvalentina2)

> Select in the standalone app settings of your stack:
> Script libraries: Database and Valentina2
> Database Support: Valentina2

> When building the deployment on Mac, after having dragged the script and the
> stack into the terminal window: add a backslash after your .app !!!

> Note that the "Database Drivers" folder in .../Runtime/MAC OS
> X/Universal/Externals/Database Drivers is named without underscore but in
> the Mac standalone package it gets automatically an underscore
> "database_drivers".

> P.S. not directly related: the db name in the rev stack should be named with
> the ".vdb" extension. On Win not needed, but the Mac standalone likes it
> better with it

> Thanks for your support and patience!

Best regards,

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