AW: How does RunRev finds externals when building the standalone?

Tiemo Hollmann TB toolbook at
Fri Oct 10 13:34:09 EDT 2008

Hi Ruslan,

> You run insaller.rev on Windows only.
> This create in the /Documents/Rev/ folder all required fodlers
>     even    Runtime/MAC OS X/Universal

Yes it did

> You need just MNUALLY copy here from MAC
>     V4REV.bundle
>     dbvalentina2

Yes I did, nothing happens

But when creating manually: Runtime/MAC OS X/Universal/EXTERNALS folder (as
Kirill posted yesterday)
And copying manually V4REV.bundle and Externals.txt to it, then it works for

> And create two txt files with one line each.

If I copy dbvalentina2 into the same /EXTERNALS folder - How should the
corresponding txt file be named, if the one for the V2REV.bundle is named
Externals.txt? (I tried dbvalentina.txt without success, I tried to write
two lines into externals.txt without success)

So what I did from one of your last postings was to create another folder:
And put dbvalentina2 and database drivers.txt into that one (one level
deeper as v4rev.bundle)
BUT this one isn't recognized by the standalone builder. That was my main
question in my last posting: How should Rev find the dbvalentina2 bundle in
the database drivers folder? See my last posting!

> ---
> P.S.
> MAKE SURE that in Standalone Settings dialog
>     you point app to be UNIVERSAL !

Yes I checked it - Otherwise it wouldn't actually work with the Runtime/MAC
OS X/Universal/EXTERNALS/V4REV.bundle

> I think this where can be a mistake on your side.

I would be glad if you would find a mistake on my side!


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> Best regards,
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