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Joe Lewis Wilkins pepetoo at
Fri Oct 10 11:15:07 EDT 2008


Thanks for the status update. I started reading the User Guide when I  
first signed up for Rev with 2.7. I quickly abandoned the effort  
because of the deficiencies you mentioned. Most of the things I was  
interested in just weren't included. In the few forays I've made into  
the 3.0 documentation, I had noticed an apparent improvement, but not  
the realization that things are MUCH better. Now that I know they are,  
less time will be spent on my idle efforts to engage myself, and much  
more "learning" the more unique potentialities of Rev.

Glad to hear you got your MacBook back in operation again. All the best,

Joe Wilkins

On Oct 10, 2008, at 1:02 AM, Bernard Devlin wrote:

> Unlike Richard, I foolishly entered an enhancement request a month  
> or two
> back, that the Dictionary have a column for 'version'.  A few days  
> later I
> had to close that request once I found that that feature had been  
> there for
> years, but I hadn't known about it.  I too found it by reading the  
> User
> Guide.
> I chose to re-read the User Guide because it hadn't been updated since
> version 2.7 (and had had several missing chapters in all that  
> time).  The
> current User Guide is something to be proud of - although to be  
> fair, I
> think the user documentation that came with versions 1.1.1 onwards  
> was also
> pretty good (written by Jeanne Devoto, I believe).  The combination  
> of the
> current Dictionary and the current User Guide are for me the highest  
> point
> in Rev documentation.  I still have some ideas for how there could  
> be an
> improvement in the docs though (although I think it would be  
> controversial).
> Anyway, I don't feel quite so foolish about that enhancement  
> request, since
> I was in good company in not knowing about the feature.
> Bernard

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