Totally OT - I need some heads up (and a hug or two)

Ian Wood revlist at
Fri Oct 10 10:44:20 EDT 2008

More hugs and sympathy from the UK, once you're reading emails again.

Having had data loss problems in the past (not through theft, more  
through my own stupidity) I'm in the middle of sorting out three sets  
of HDs - the ones with the working files, a second set which get  
updated every day or two from the working drives, and a third set a  
few miles away at my parents, which get swapped with the second set  
every week.
The swapping with drives on another site isn't quite set up properly  
yet, so at the moment I'm still vulnerable to theft/floods/burning  
houses etc. :-(

Best of luck, and have a great time at the seaside!


On 10 Oct 2008, at 13:19, Malte Brill wrote:

> Dear friends,
> to all of you who responded on and off list. THANK YOU!
> I really apperciate it. I am not yet in a condition where I can  
> reply to email, but the situation will not bring me down for long. I  
> will be taking a couple of days off. Going seasides next Friday. Too  
> many things to pt into place before. Then I will start with a  
> recharged battery and maybe this is a chance to make it even better  
> than in the first try. I am glad to be part of a community that  
> cares. Thanks to all of you.
> All the best,
> Malte
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