How does RunRev finds externals when building the standalone?

Tiemo Hollmann TB toolbook at
Fri Oct 10 02:45:46 EDT 2008


I am still without success building the Mac standalone of my Rev
3.0+Valentina4Rev3 app on my Win XP machine. The standalone builder just
doesn't takes the Valentina bundles into the standalone folder. What I have
done so far is:

1. Setup everything of valentina how the docs say. And Valentina runs fine
in the IDE of my XP machine and in Win Standalone.

2. In the standalone settings of my stack I  build for Mac (Universal) and
checked: Select inclusions for the standalone app: - Script Libraries:
"Valentina2" (Tried before also to check "database support")

3. I copied "the v4rev.bundle" and the "database_drivers" folder (from my
Mac) into the Win XP directory: C:\Dokumente und
Einstellungen\Tiemo.KESTNER\Eigene Dateien\My Revolution Studio\Runtime\Mac
OS X\Universal\Externals\

4. In the folder: C:\Dokumente und Einstellungen\Tiemo.KESTNER\Eigene
Dateien\My Revolution Studio\Externals - there is a Valentina txt file with
one line: "Valentina2,v4rev.dll" and a folder: Database Drivers again with a
txt file and the line "Valentina2,dbvalentina2.dll".

Up to now I don't understand at all, how the link from Rev to externals
works. Probably my problem is just a wrong path or a missing option. Perhaps
somebody could explain to me the mechanism of information setup how Rev
knows which externals to bind and where they have to be put on a XP machine.
I would think this mechanism should be the same for all externals and
perhaps I just have to put the folders into the right place.

Thanks for any help






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