List of all possible messages? and flipbook

Stephen Barncard stephenREVOLUTION2 at
Thu Oct 9 15:35:10 EDT 2008

on preopencard
    constant kOkcards "aCard,bCard,Barncard"
    get the short name of me
    if it is among the items of kOkCards
       -- doodah
    end if
end preopencard

"Handle the preOpenCard message to update a card's appearance before 
the card appears on screen."

>Thanks for all the ideas. However, I can't find a "go to next card" message.
>I wanted to trap it so that a user could flip thru the cards, but if it is
>one I don't want them to see, like a prefs card, then I could skip that one
>and go to the one after it. Maybe I'm on the wrong track?
>Also, I would like a user to click a button on the first card and have the
>cards automatically present themselves at a certain time interval rate, and
>write the last location the mouse was at on that card to a field on that
>card before leaving. Is that possible? I couldn't find a flipbook type stack
>to inspect.
>Any ideas are appreciated,
>>  Rev also has a function "the commandnames" which you can execute to get
>  > a list, which you can place in a field.


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