Scrolling stack windows?

John Tregea john at
Wed Oct 8 05:08:42 EDT 2008

Dear Mark,

Thanks for that. I think I would have to ungroup the existing top level
group then select whatever number of clones groups the user is displaying
and regroup them. Or is there a way of cloning into a group the way I can
copy into a card?

Thanks and regards


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Hi John,

Group all objects and set the rect of this new group to the rect of  
the card (you may need to make adjustemnts if you have a menubar). Set  
the hScrollba, vScrollbar and the lockLoc of the group to true. Now  
you have something that's very close to a scrolling window.

Best regards,

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On 8 okt 2008, at 03:36, John Tregea wrote:

> Hello again fellow Revolutionaries : )
> I have built an interface where users can keep on adding new layers of
> information down a stack window by clicking a button at the bottom  
> of the
> bottom most layer (the button clones the last group and re-populates  
> the
> fields to suit the new context).
> Because the users frequently want to display 6 or 7 layers one below  
> the
> other they quickly run out of screen space.
> I believe there are no scrollbars that I can turn on in the stack  
> window
> like I can on a text field? I hope I am wrong? But if I am correct can
> anyone point me to examples of scrollbars being used to scroll  
> multiple
> groups within a window?
> Regards
> John Tregea

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