3.0 Field numbering messed up

Joe Lewis Wilkins pepetoo at cox.net
Tue Oct 7 20:16:57 EDT 2008


I'm doing some math on a form. Carefully, I thought, I numbered the  
various flds so that I could refer to them in sequence or, at least,  
know what their names are by their positions without having to  
constantly check them out. However, when it came time to refer to them  
I was a bit mistaken. It seems that a field fld "1" does not return  
the value that is in that field; it returns the value that is in a  
totally different field, but the one that is "1" by layering. It was  
the first field I created. It does the same with fld "2"; refers to  
the second field I created and one that is "2" by layering; not by  
name. To me this is a bug. Correct?

I can diddle around and make this work, but I shouldn't have to. When  
I refer to an object by its name I should get the contents of that  


Joe Wilkins

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