DCAM / IIDC command to control a firewire digital camera

paolo mazzapaolo at libero.it
Mon Oct 6 04:11:16 CDT 2008

Dear friends,
I would like to control a professional Digital Camera from Revolution.  
I have to use DCAM  protocol.
Browsing in Internet, I went through the software Coriander (Unix).
Have you any experience with that? Any idea?
Thanks a lot
Paolo Mazza

DCAM stands for "1394-based Digital Camera Specification" and defines  
the behavior of cameras that output uncompressed image data without  
audio. It is a standard, defined by the 1394 Trade Association. The  
IIDC (Instrumentation and Industrial Control Working Group) is in  
charge of it.

IIDC is often used synonymously with DCAM.

Coriander is a full-featured GUI for IEEE1394, IIDC-compliant (aka  
DCAM) digital cameras. It includes camera control, video display,  
saving, FTP and V4L export.

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