Beagle Board users out there?

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Fri Oct 3 13:12:22 EDT 2008


Hello there! I've been looking into beagle board for a while now and
also considering buying one. I believe you will not be able to develop
for it using Revolution since the processor is an OMAP from Texas
Instruments and that means ARM in plain english.

We all love and embrace ARM. ARM is the unsung hero of processors and
I will hold dear to my Newton MP2000 with StrongARM forever but, we
don't have a Revolution engine able to run on ARM processors. We have
engines for:

 x86       macs, win, linux
 ppc       macs

Somewhere in the vaults of a Scottish FTP server are very old engines
for Bsd, Hp9k700, Iris, rs6000, SolSparc (SPARC!). These engines are
version 2.5.1 and still no ARM processor in there. Now, if you can get
Linux x86 ABI (does this exist?) running on the beagle board then you
can try.

Now, if you want to play with small motherboards able to run Rev. You
may want to consider some Via based solution like a pico-ITX board. It
is as small as 10cm by 7cm and has a powerful 1ghz x86 processor.

Here is a URL from the mini-itx store that can help you:

I have no affiliation with them and never tested one of their boards,
but it is a x86 processor from a good company with an attractive


On Fri, Oct 3, 2008 at 1:39 PM, Neal Campbell <nealk3nc at> wrote:
> Is anyone using the new Beagle Board either for development or
> deployment of Rev programs? The link is I know
> that is is powerful enough that some of my bit-headed friends heavily
> into Software-Defined Radios will be using this as a platform (and
> that requires a pretty hefty system, mine is a Q6600 Intel system as
> an example).
> Looks like heaven for a kiosk or dedicated box/application enviornment for Rev!
> Best regards
> Neal
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