Re-2: I cannot paste in any field in an app (consisting of up to 7 stacks)

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Wed Oct 1 03:21:58 EDT 2008

Hi all, 

thanks for the advise list! I checked the suggestions - and I think I have found the point
I have identified the problem but do not understand it (and the idea about the edit menu of malte has helped me finding):

I have a navigation background in all the stacks (=above all in the event hierarchy). I have made a test stack consisting only of some fields and this background group. With the background in it I cannot paste in the fields, after deleting the background I can.

I have deleted the script in the background = the problem is the same therefore not in the script (I had no paste routines there).

It is only the group object (marked as background without any further special details) which causes this behaviour that I cannot paste (Strg-V) into the fields of the stack where this background is included. Does the event STRG-V = paste be stopped by a background generally?

I have put the teststack into URL
and a standalone loading this stack into

If anyone wants to test this behaviour.

Regards, Franz
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may sound stupid. Have you tried adding a menubar that has an edit 
menu to the main stack? If not could you try and see if you can paste 
then? If so I might be close to a godzilla report.


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