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 From the adobe forums:

OlafDrümmer - 4:25pm Jun 7, 08
Distiller 8 seems to max out at around 1 million pages. I have seen  
PDFs with more than 1 million pages created by other tools.

The real limit is file size: 2 GB until a while ago (IIRC until  
Acrobat 7), close to 10 GB by now (due to the cross reference table  
not being able to use byte offsets larger than what fits into 10  

So one may reach a limit not because of maximum number of pages but  
because of maximum file size (max. byte offset values in xref table).


ALSO, Pagemaker had a 999 page limit. (Don't use it anymore, so I  
don't know if this was changed.)

ALSO, on windows the print spooler used to have a 999 limit. (The  
entry field was only three digits)


Tom McGrath

On Jun 27, 2008, at 8:26 PM, J. Landman Gay wrote:

> Robert Sneidar wrote:
>> Are you actually printing 999 pages or are you producing a PDF? I  
>> know there was a limit to the number of pages in a PDF but that was  
>> some time ago.
> Thanks for the response. I didn't actually try it myself, but I'm  
> almost positive the person who reported it was creating a pdf. I  
> can't imagine anyone printing that much paper. Also, the person was  
> a product tester who was running an extreme case as a stress test.  
> Maybe with luck the real customers will never hit this limit.
> It's encouraging that it might be a PDF limitation. I'll see if I  
> can find out more about that. Thanks for the tip.
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