The Definitive List of RR Projects

Joe Lewis Wilkins pepetoo at
Wed Jun 25 14:52:41 CDT 2008

Hi Mikey,

I believe, in not so many of the same words, that I made a similar  
query, when I first started "watching" the RR List. A number of  
replies, mostly to the effect: "Well, you just have to starting  
digging in and looking for stuff; there's too much in too many places  
to just have a simple list."

Upon looking around a bit, I was pretty overwhelmed and could see that  
it would take someone willing to devote their lifetime to creating  
such a list; so I folded my stool and decided to stumble on my own  
way. Hey, I'd love to have taken on a task such as this, but just  
can't pay the bills doing something like that; UNLESS a number of RR  
users/developers were willing to make small, individual commitments to  
"someone". And that is pretty unlikely. (smile)

My two centavos worth,

Joe Wilkins

On Jun 25, 2008, at 12:39 PM, Mikey wrote:

> I believe I asked this question about a year ago and the answer was  
> "uh,
> there isn't one".

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