[ANN] animationEngine 2.9 available

Malte Brill revolution at derbrill.de
Sat Jun 21 05:45:32 EDT 2008

Hi JB,

> I have tried your stack and it keeps giving me errors.  Maybe it is
> because I purchased AnimationEngine and it conflicts with your Demo  
> version.

What kind of errors do you get?

animationEngine is a library stack. So you should just be able to use  
the newer one, given you use a recent Revolution version. (2.8 or  
higher required for animationEngine 2.9)
Open animationEngine 2.9 and type into the messagebox:

start using stack "animationEngine"

Now all animationEngine functions, handlers and properties are  
available to your project. Next, open the stack ae29Demo.rev that you  
will find in the .zip archive you have downloaded. Hit the start  
button and you should see an animation playing. If it does play,  
everything has worked. If not I would be interested in your system  
setup, the version of revolution you are using and the error message.

If you run animatioEngine 2.9 on the same machine as the previous  
version, it should autodetect your license code. It will not touch the  
previous installation, so you can fallback to version 2.1 any time if  
it turns out not to be working for you.

As animationEngine is a library stack it can be located anywhere on  
our Harddisk. It just needs to be loaded into memory to work. However,  
if you have put the previous version into your plugins folder or have  
it made load automatically on startUp through other means, you will  
need to make sure that the older version is not in memory somewhere.  
The stacks do have the same name, so there might be a conflict there.

Regarding the tutorials: It seems they got lost when Runtime  
Revolution Ltd. updated their website. I will inquire about the issue  
during business hours. The tutorials are not much but a Revolution  
standalone with tutorials that can be printed out. They date back to  
2005, so they are a bit outdated nowadays. THere is new stuff to come  
in the next few days and I will announce that once I am ready to go.

Hope that helps,


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