J. Landman Gay jacque at
Wed Jun 18 17:17:34 EDT 2008

In Rev 2.9 I have a backscript which never receives any messages. It 
works fine in 2.8.1. The script inserted is the script of a stack. The 
stack script contains handlers for preOpenCard, openCard, closeCard, and 
some other standard system messages. They work fine in their own stack. 
If I open another stack, which has no scripts at all, none of the system 
messages are triggered in the backscript. Breakpoints do not trigger, 
behaviors do not happen, messages are not sent.

Before I report this, I'd like some confirmation that I'm not crazy. 
This seems like such an elemental thing I can't believe it isn't 
working. Maybe I did something stupid.

I tested in 2.9 in both Rev and MC with similar results. The "message" 
toggle in Rev is not activated, and there isn't one in MC, so it isn't that.

Can anyone duplicate this? The stack is displaying some other odd 
behaviors too, so there may be some other problem. I've been tinkering 
with several different versions of Rev, so who knows.

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