App restart after update

Chipp Walters chipp at
Tue Jun 17 15:21:42 CDT 2008


Typically re-launching is done with a helper app, which is sort of a
Catch-22 issue with Rev-- because if you downloaded a new engine for your
app, who's to say the helper app's engine isn't going to have a problem
launching as well.

Of course, you could also get tricky and try and create batch scripts to
launch your new apps, but there's a lot of issues with it as well--
especially Virus checkers who don't approve of such.

I've found the best way around this is to create a splash-screen app which
is only the engine and load the app from stacks, which are easily updated
and downloaded w/out issue. When the splash-screen app launches, it can also
look for a new version of itself as well, and point users to a webpage to
download the new splash-screen app. I prefer downloading/installing from a
web page as then there are ZERO issues with proxy servers or any buggy
transport code which might be in the splash-screen app.

I've had thousands of downloads of various products we sell using this
technique and very few issues.

best of luck,

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