Hello... Its good to be back. Is this the place to be or is the forum now it?

Bob Hartley rev at armbase.com
Tue Jun 17 09:58:32 CDT 2008

Richard Gaskin wrote:

Hi Richard
> Bob Hartley wrote:
>> Anyway.....  I was also out the loop because I moved to Linux  
>> instead of  upgrading to vista (if you could call xp-vista and 
>> upgrade) and  also my  work apps are Linux apps. In addition I  
>> binned my  travelling laptop  in November in faviour of an EEEpc so I 
>> had no Rev on the go. :-)
> Interesting.  I like my MBP, but I'm doing more bicycle commuting and 
> the weight is almost prohibitively cumbersome.  I've been thinking 
> about the EeePC, esp. since Rev 2.9 is so much nicer on Linux now.  
> But alas the 900 series is now U$600, so it's no longer the no-brainer 
> purchase it once was.  How do you like yours?
> Welcome back.  It's nice that Rev offers both the web forum and this 
> list for folks to choose from, but if you're already here this list 
> definitely has more traffic so it's not a bad place to be.
I've got the 701 with the 7" screen. The 900 is more appealing but I got 
the 701 in November. Before they sold out...:-)

I've just put 2.9 on it and although  rev says 1024x768 the 800x600 
seems okay. I'm going to put it on the desktop tonight. And I would 
recommend the new Mandriva spring for anyone wanting to easilly try linux.

Got to dash for the train.

Bob; Edinburgh

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