open new sub-stack with different record from database

Jan Schenkel janschenkel at
Sat Jun 7 15:31:10 EDT 2008

--- mfstuart <mfstuart at> wrote:
> Hi Jan,
> Thanx Jan. I'll play around with that this weekend.
> BTW:
> 1) I guess RunRev doesn't "natively" support MDI?
> 2) And in YOUR script after the 'set the name of
> it...', I should insert: go
> to stack "EditAccount"?
> Thanx,
> Mark Stuart

When ypu 'clone' a stack, it is automatically opened
an at the front. So your preOpenStack handler will be
called, and you're good to go.

Revolution indeed has no support for classic MDI as we
know from the past, when application windows would
contain other windows - as was the case in Microsoft
producrs running in Windows.

However, window-in-window is a model that is going
away, replaced by tabbed areas in a singe window. Even
Microsoft doesn't seem too fond of it anymore, if you
look at Vista and Office 2007.

But I'm sure Richard Gaskin can point out articles and
research papers on this topic? :-)

Jan Schenkel.

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