OT: Collanos -- Project Management that Makes Sense

Sivakatirswami katir at hindu.org
Wed Jun 4 21:43:35 EDT 2008

After a couple of years of searching and praying I finally stumbled on 
an internet based project management -- collaboration software that 
really makes sense: Collanos Workspace


only think is: I wish someone has written this thing in Revolution 
instead of JAVA-ECLIPSE

But they really "nailed" the user interface for both functionality and 

So, now our wiki full of chaos will take it's rightful  place as a 
simply a respository for
just docs and specs.. and all the "noise" of getting work done will live 
in Collanos

We all fell in love with it in about 5 minutes.  Learning curve on 
usage:  10 minute max,
with uncovery of features trailing behind as you go to work right away.

It's a marvelous example of fearlessly leaving the browser behind and
just using the internet for what it really is: connections between machines.

Everytime someone convinces me again that "it must be inside a browser"
something like this comes along and shows  "Yes, but...."

Cheers from Hawaii


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