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Kee Nethery kee at
Mon Jun 2 16:24:00 EDT 2008


I too have pondered why

      set cursor to busy

uses the really old black and white rotating busy cursor from  
Hypercard of the 1900's rather than whatever is the standard on the  
platform today.

If you find that there is a command (for example):

      set cursor to century2000busycursor

or something like that, that displays this century's busy cursor,  
please let me know.

Kee Nethery

On Jun 2, 2008, at 8:50 AM, Mark Schonewille wrote:

> Hi David,
> Apple wants you to use some kind of progress indicator, rather than  
> a busy cursor or beach ball. There are also indeterminate progress  
> indicators.
> You can use the send command to use your own cursor, but I think you  
> need to lock the cursor.
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> On 1 jun 2008, at 12:27, David Bovill wrote:
>> Any way to get a modern looking beach ball rather than a spinning  
>> black an
>> white pie chart - much as I love it :)
>> My only thought is to create a "send message in ticks" loop that  
>> set the
>> cursor to a series of graphics - bit puzzled why this has not been  
>> updated -
>> or am I missing something? For instance what are the GUI  
>> recommendations
>> from Apple - the beachball is generally feared and loathed due to  
>> the fact
>> it means usually something has frozen - while the grey spinning  
>> "daisy"
>> while not a cursor is less worrying to the user.
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