settings of the control

-= JB =- sundown at
Tue Jul 29 11:45:31 EDT 2008

Here is a question that if it can't be done easily now might
be a good idea for a simple improvement to Rev;

Let's say I have a stack that uses many different buttons &
groups the state of these controls changes during using
the program but when I quit and restart I want the original
control settings to be opened with the rather than settings
the user changed the last time he/she used it.

For instance I might have a button the user clicks & it sets
the hilite true and the user does what they want, quits and
then starts the program up again I want the hilite to already
be set to false even though the last time used it was true.

I know in hypercard I would have a group of buttons and
fields showing that I didn't want to be showing when the
program starts.  So if the program crashed, power failure
or the user quit etc. while they were showing they would
be showing the next time the program was started.  To
correct it on openstack I would check their visibility and
if it was true I would hide them.

What would be nice is each control had an option that
could be checked true or false.  If it was true they way
you had the settings of the control would always be
used at startup and false at startup the last setting of
the control would be used like they are now.


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