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Gordon Sande wrote:
> I was hoping to use RunRev to display some calculated data
> in spreadsheet like displays. To be useful I need to select
> the data to be displayed in each of several such displays.
> RunRev looked like it might be a good tool. A nice programing
> language with easy control of graphical output under interactive
> input. 2.9 Revolution Media seemed like an easy start.
> Then I read section 4.2.23 on Table Field Control and tried
> to find anything else. The search command must be broken on
> my copy of the documentation as I found nothing else. I did
> find one tutorial which explained that this was an experimental
> feature as of 2.5 which was both undocumented and subject to
> various bugs. Lots of custom properties and arcane addressing
> polynomials to select fields with do-it-yourself handlers.
> What have I managed to miss?
> Citations of further documentation would be welcome. Web URLs
> of examples or tutorials would sure help. Any other hints
> would also be welcome. Even other solutions to my display
> problem would be welcome.
> Eventually I will want to control the size of the cells,
> the weight of the cell boundaries, the font and styling of
> the contents and have the displays scroll in their windows.
> Printing is also on the ToDo list but at this point I can
> not even figure out how to get any values into a table.
> Not a great start.

Agreed. Eventually Revolution's "table field" will be replaced with a 
real table object, but that's off in the future a ways. It's high on 
everyone's wish list though. In the mean time, the mailing list archives 
are a great resource for this kind of esoteric info. I use GMane but 
there are others. Here's a link to some info that pretty much explains 
what you're looking for:


If you search GMane for "table field" you'll get lots of other hits too.

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