Looking for USB remote control ...

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When you say "Tx" and "Rx" what do you mean?

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I don't know if the RC protocol has been modernized to a signature secured
> digital signal with a packet sending scheme.  If so, there would be less
> danger of signal crossover.

Yes, there are a couple of schemes available to pair Tx to Rx, once paired,
even transmitters on exactly the same channel should not interfere with your

> I have been googling and googling and so far have not found a multi-channel
>> Radio Control (RC) receiver with USB port.  There are plenty of solutions
>> that go the other way (to control RC servos from your PC).
You can get adapter cables from here:


which allow you to connect you RC Transmitter to a computer so you can fly
Flight Simulators (or any kind of computer game that only requires 2 x
joysticks) but this is just a glorified game pad. I've not seen a solution
where you can use your RC Tx to talk to it's Rx which is plugged into the
USB port of a computer.

Clearly then, the knowledge of how to convert RC digital signals to USB
computer signals is available, and to move the pick off point from pre-Rx to
post-Rx would only be a small step. The real question is why? Which I guess
is why the next screeching tyres you hear will be the boys in the black
Surburban ;-)
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