Looking for USB remote control ...

Randall Lee Reetz randall at randallreetz.com
Fri Jul 18 05:10:25 EDT 2008


I use AirClick remote.  Then download and install the Proxy event  
editor.  You can use the Proxy editor to turn AirClick remote button  
clicks to keyboard stroke events.  Then capture these keystrokes with  
your xTalk handlers... and you are in business.  I don't know what  
the range is of the AirClick devise.  There is another USB devise  
event re-director called USBOverdrive.  It might accept more  
devises.  So long as you can get devise button events sent as  
keystrokes, you can capture these with runrev handlers.


On Jul 17, 2008, at 7:38 PM, Jack Rarick wrote:

> Hi all!
> I am looking for a programmable USB device that will allow me to  
> designate up to six different buttons that will send mouse clicks  
> to certain places on the screen. We do a lot with multimedia, and  
> we want to give a user the option of using the remote in a large  
> classroom to go to the next video, rewind the video, stop the video  
> etc. There are buttons on the screen to accomplish that ... I just  
> want the user to be able to stand 50 feet away with a remote. Am I  
> dreaming?
> All help will be appreciated!
> Thank you,
> Jack Rarick
> Braintree Athletic Systems
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