Possible Buggs VS 3.5.1

Ruslan Zasukhin sunshine at public.kherson.ua
Mon Jan 28 16:30:37 EST 2008

On 28/1/08 11:06 PM, "Kent Danielsson" <rev at kendar.se> wrote:

Dear Kent,

> Ruslan
> Sorry if We missunderstood that Valentina studio, SOLD FOR MONEY is
> NOT a tool that are supposed to be used, developer or not.
> Guess the same attitude goes for all software from Paradigma Software
> Inc.

I do not understand why you are insulted by my words. Than more I do not
understand why you send your and my private letter exchange to all public
lists you know?!

You have **Valentina for Revolution**, to develop application in Revolution.
Valentina Studio is NOT required for this. Where you see problems in this
statement ???

You have ask me why it crashes if do printing of HELP,
I answer you - this operation is implemented.
Does this show stopper from development of REVOLUTION applications ??? No.

Other things work for you?

Can you create db/table/fields/methods/functions/triggers?
Can you do SQL queries?
    then what huge problems you have ????

Again, if you want to get help (note which is FREE) you are welcome.
If you want just insult self and everybody around then excuse me....

Best regards,

Ruslan Zasukhin
VP Engineering and New Technology
Paradigma Software, Inc

Valentina - Joining Worlds of Information

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