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Wolfgang Bereuter wmb at internettrainer.com
Sat Jan 26 11:31:50 EST 2008

Dear Heather,
On 23.01.2008, at 10:37, Heather Nagey wrote:

> Richmond called himself a snob - acceptable, clearly he was not  
> likely to offend himself by doing so. You called someone else  
> ignorant. Unacceptable.
Sorry, cant see the offense. Check the root of the word ignore (latin  
ignorare) It means: not to know/see.
Whats bad about "not knowing"?
There are a lot of things in this world I dont know. I have no problem  
to admit that.

> Also rather pointless, I fail to see what you were hoping to achieve  
> by doing so. Its a pity that such an interesting thread has been  
> hijacked by an unnecessary controversy.
It was not! I cant believe, that on a professional list - correct me  
if it isnt anymore -
nobody knows what means "OT" into the subject of a posting. Hijacked  
have not I, hijacked have the grammar fellows and advocates.

> I would like to see an apology, but if that is not forthcoming  
> please do not post any justifications to the list - thats not what  
> this list is for.

Richmond did not need any advocate, he has replied perfectly. His  
answer did not need any helpless help, it deserves "standing  
ovations". Read it again, before "you" ask me for an apology, what i  
would do, if *he* asks for:

But, I see it different: Ignorant is not an offense, if a person *does  
not know*. It would be an offense, if a person does not *want* to  
know. Thats exactly what a snob does: Demonstrating that he does not  
*want* to know. (Snobs often let others feel that they are stupid or  
less worth.)

The language of the web is not english! Its spanglish denglish,  
singlish, chinglish, aranglish, etc...
Sorry to the language list police from the US Department of Homeland  
Security, seems watching this list. Sorry again, if this post is not  
grammatically perfect. (But I´ve tried harder, i have not time to do  
so allways)

You are right Heather, all that is not what this list is for. Amen....
Unfortunatly this list has lost a lot of esprit, inspiration, charisma  
(and charismatic people), it had many years. Therefore i liked it a lot.
Sorry that I m still occasionally watching this list. I m doing it,  
because of these charismatic, controversial fellows/ladies, who are  
posting here sometimes.
And, because I m clandestinely hoping rev will become anytime, i had  
expected many years ago. (For my project seems to late now, because  
the tool i need is born.)

I can give up watching the list, if you prefer, or, you can exclude  
me, if you like.

wolfgang bereuter

Edelhofg. 17/11, A-1180 Wien, Austria
Tel: ++43/1/ 479 6410

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