importing a bunch of files

Thierry 00bioarchimed at
Wed Jan 16 10:25:43 CST 2008


Another thread about kind of Database :-)

For a specific project, I need to implement this:

I have an arbitrary set of text files stored on the disk in an
arbitrary numbers of directories, within a root one, ie:


When it comes to deliver the project,
I want to import all theses files,
and the tree organization
inside a stack ( datas only stack ).

I'm thinking of mapping each directory
to a group; the first group would be named dirRoot,
dir2 and dir4 would become groups named dir2 and dir4,
  children of the first group,
dir3 a group inside dir2 group, etc...

and for the files, importing them in custom properties
of these groups with the same name as the original files.

Let say it could be a hundred files or even more....

One extreme could be one group with a hundred properties,
another one a hundred  nested groups with one property for each group.

Do you think this is realistic to do so,
and what kind of pitfalls i can find on the way ?

Another solution could be to create as many text fields as files,
with each field named with the full path of the corresponding  
file..... ?

Any hints or thoughts are welcome, before I jump into it.


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