Using shell & BAT with /B, problems across volumes

Mark E. Powell runrev at
Fri Jan 11 16:39:03 EST 2008

On XP, Rev. 2.8.0: 

Am using shell to run the command line utility jhead, which extracts Exif data from JPEG files.  I am using a non-blocking BAT file approach, which works beautifully with JPEGs on the startup drive, but not on any other drive.  From Rev the call boils down to this: 

 set the shellCommand to "cmd.exe"
 set the hideConsoleWindows to true  
 get shell("C:/test.bat")

This BAT file works:
 cd "C:\jheadTEST" 
 start /B jhead.exe
 jhead "C:\DSC_0008.JPG" > "C:\Test.txt" 

This BAT file doesn't ("Windows can't find jhead" error):
 cd "C:\jheadTEST" 
 start /B jhead.exe
 jhead "E:\DSC_0008.JPG" > "C:\Test.txt" 

The only difference between the two examples is the first volume indicator on the third line.  Identical JPEGs exist at root of both drives.

Note:  Both BAT files work if the /B argument is excluded.  But if the /B argument is excluded, the console window flashes, despite having set the hideConsoleWindows to true (a bug in 2.8.0, maybe?).

Any ideas on how I make this work across volumes, but without the console window flashing?


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