Problems with Printer dialogues in Win XP

Jeanne A. E. DeVoto revolution at
Wed Jan 2 10:14:12 EST 2008

At 1:42 PM +0000 1/2/2008, Stephen King wrote:
>I am trying to print a single card only using
>Print this Card.
>This works fine, but I need to be able to set the active printer first and
>possibly cancel if the printer is not available.
>If I use Answer Printer, this gives me a windows dialogue box to select a
>printer but even if cancel is selected Rev carries on and prints anyway
>(Checking for Cancel in It doesn't work)
>If I use revShowPrintDialog, this seems to do nothing at all on my XP

Here's a method that I think will work (although I'm not 100% siure 
it will work properly on Windows, and I'm not near a Windows system 
at the moment to check):

   on mouseUp
     open printing with dialog -- displays the dialog, setting the 
result if user cancels
     if the result is not empty then exit mouseUp
     print this card
     close printing
   end mouseUp

(revShowPrintDialog only works if your actual print command is either 
revPrintField or revPrintText; it doesn't do anything with print 
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