Make a cheap web server with simple no-CGI read write on port 80

delorme jm.delorme at
Tue Feb 12 10:41:03 EST 2008

Hope it is more readable

Hi from France!

The idea of this cheap html server came from "chat server" demo stack.
I tried, it works quite fine.
Next is a sum-up:

On Openstack
.  accept connections on port 80 with message GotAConnection

on GotAConnection aSocket
.  read from socket aSocket for 1 line
.  analyze received line (GET or POST)
.  read from socket aSocket with message GotNextLines

on GotNextLines aSocket , ReceivedLines
.  Analyze ReceivedLines
.  Do any processing you want with the user request
.  Make TheHtmlAnswer from pre-made file + replaced text (wanted GET file ou
POST answer)
.  write TheHtmlAnswer to socket 

Any distant web browser then gets the requested .html files (as forms with
submit buttons), or POST anwsers after button clicks (submits) in previous
sent forms.

Is'nt life easy?
The only limit is that only html text is replied (no image) because no
Apache server is used.
Also have to record socket connections context in a gSocketConnectionsTable
because many connections are available (which .htm file must be sent back
when GotNextLines?).
Thank you for your feedback and own return on experience about making a web
server from Revolution.

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