Team Development using Run Rev

Luis luis at
Fri Feb 29 21:44:27 EST 2008

I'm wondering what they use at RunRev HQ.



mfstuart wrote:
> Hi Ben,
> Nice concept, if someone could build that in RunRev, a Team Development
> system, quite possible if you know the structure of all the objects. The
> SmartProperties plug-in that already exists, shows how the same object in
> the original rev file could be compared to the just updated rev file.
> ==========================================================
> Ben wrote:
> A possible better solution would be to create (in Rev, of course) a tool for
> checking into SVN; which if you dragged a stack on to it, would generate not
> a
> single XML file but a folder with many files and perhaps folders.  For some
> setups you might want the tool to check everything into SVN; I think I'd
> rather use this tool, then use Eclipse to do the check-in, so that it would
> look at all the differences and allow me to deal with them individually. 
> That
> way you could view the stack as a project, and see each script, card,
> substack
> etc (er... tbd) as individual files, so that there could be individual
> comments and change histories. 
> Mark Stuart

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