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Fri Feb 29 14:10:41 EST 2008

Len,  I cannot get your SQL to work on SQLite. Here is my code.

put "SELECT PersonID from Person " into tSQL
put "WHERE tolower( Person.PersonID) = " & tolower(theEnteredLastName) & "'"
after tsQL
put revdb_querylist(,,qLocID, tSQL) into the ID

the Database parser reject the tolower() function, so I tried to use the
ILIKE notation instead of the tolower function and got the same generic
DATABASE ERROR message.  I would like to instruct the database to not be
case sensative on the text match.
Any recommendations?

Len Morgan wrote:
> Is there a reason why you have to capitalize the first letter?  I have a 
> similar feature in my software and I use something like:
> SELECT * FROM people WHERE last_name ILIKE "smith"
> That does a case insensitive search.
> You could also use:
> SELECT * FROM people WHERE tolower(last_name) = tolower('smith')
> or you could try:
> SELECT * FROM people WHERE last_name in ('Smith','SMITH','smith')
> This assumes that you are using "standard" SQL (which your example is 
> not).  Just a little "added" feature of my first example is you could use:
> ...WHERE last_name ILIKE 'smith%'  and get anyone who's name BEGINS with 
> 'smith' (for example Smithe, Smithy...)
> Hope that helps.
> len morgan
>> Works great as long as the user enters the text string in the same case
>> as
>> has been entered in the database.  "Smith" = "Smith", but if the user
>> enters
>> "smith" in the select box, the record is not found.
>> I want to do the database select with different text formats to make sure
>> that the record is found.
>> SELECT on "Smith", "smith", "SMITH"
>> I found the toupper() and tolower() functions, but how do you get the
>> function to change only the first letter toupper in a string?
>> Thanks in advance for the help.  This cannot be that hard.
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