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Klaus Major klaus at
Fri Feb 29 12:59:38 EST 2008

Hi all,

> Hi all,
> I just found something very strange on OS X 10.4.x
> When you have a "metal" stack to open as sheet,
> that metal stack goes BEHIND the calling stack!
> No problems if the sheet is not "metal"lic.
> Yes,I know that sheets should not be "metal" according to he Apple  
> HIG,
> but shouldn't happen anyway ;-)
> Can someone check this, please, before I bugzilla it? Thanks!

further investigations show that this is even more complicated/stranger!

We are testing our big project in mixed environment Windows/OS X  
and to avoid the "metal" issues on 10.5 I added a frontscript with  
this line as a
workaround until 2.9 comes out:

on preopenstack
   ### zielstack = the stack to be opened...
   set the metal of stack zielstack to running_leopard() = false
   ## which is of course a function that returns TRUE on 10.5 :-)
end preopenstack

Now the strangeness:
SOME of the stacks that we call with "sheet XYZ" are already saved  
WITH metal
set to true, some without.

Now if we do:
sheet stack "stack saved without metal"
the stack "sheet"s metallic but BEHIND the calling stack!

No problems with stacks that have been saved with metal set to true!

Strange, isn' it?!!!! :-D

Now I have to try to create an example stack that I can add to bugzilla.


Klaus Major
klaus at

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