Stupid Newbie Question

Klaus Major klaus at
Fri Feb 29 08:15:12 EST 2008

Hi Joe,

> Hi Joe,
>> Hi Everyone,
>> Considering I've been using Rev for about two years now, it's almost
>> embarrassing to ask this question.
>> I have a field with three lines in it. I want to be able to edit  
>> any of those

sorry, completely overlooked "...ANY of those..."
In that case I would still use my handler but without checking for a  
special line.

>> lines individually without changing the others. I can't seem to  
>> figure out
>> what the field settings need to be to achieve this.
> No settings for this one, sorry.
> I would (and do) use a "mousedoubleup" handler that can check the  
> clicked line
> and then open an "ask Dialog" wehre the user can edit that line and  
> write it back
> to the field later...
> Example, presumes that only line 2 should be edited:
> on mousedoubleup
>  put the selectedtext of me into tSl
>  put the hilitedlines of me into tHl

## Check for editable line:
  ##if tHl <> 2 then
##   exit mousedoubleup
## end if

>  ask "Change this line:" with tSl
>  if it <> empty then
>    put it into line tHl of me
>  end if
> end mousedoubleup


Klaus Major
klaus at

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