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Jim Sims sims at
Thu Feb 28 23:35:05 EST 2008

Mark said:

>> On Apple's website, I have found some applets that contain scripts
>> showing any set of files in a QuickLook or QuickView window, but I
>> haven't found a way to use CoverFlow. I'd be very interested in a way
>> to get this done within Revolution.

There is a javascript variation of CoverFlow at:

also:    -- 
use arrow keys
also:      --use arrow keys

Go to:     and you  
will find
the following explanation.

Michael L Perry Says:
April 28th, 2007 at 9:50 am
All of the code is available directly in the page. (Yes, I know it  
should be broken out, but this was an experiment.) You can take this  
code and use it as your own.

There are three ideas in the code.

First, the use of setTimeout to perform animation. setTimeout  
schedules a function call to occur at some time in the future. If the  
animation is not yet finished, this function should again call  

Second, the math behind the manipulation of the images. The path is a  
100-unit hyperbola, where the observer is standing 100 diagonal units  
away from the origin. Divide the image height by the perpendicular  
distance from the observer to simulate vanishing. Change the zIndex to  
simulate occlusion.

Third, the use of hidden div tags to hold data. Set the inner text of  
a visible div tag to the inner text of a hidden one in order to place  
the data on the screen.


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