flv in stacks? swf in stacks?

Eric A. Engle engleerica at yahoo.com
Thu Feb 28 23:10:41 EST 2008

my preliminary try shows that flv isn't supported in
quicktime and so isn't supported in the player object.

I know (and can) transform flv into avi or mpg (or
anything else). It would be convenient to be able to
directly play flv thanks to the new proprietary codec
on flv used by youtube (mollie whatever foad)

I'm presuming old school .swf can play (what about dcr
/ dir? I doubt it but if I'm wrong tell me).

Though, if even .wmv isn't supported by the player
object I'm sort of disappointed. Video File format 
conversions are always time consuming and sometimes
result in a loss of image quality or alteration of
image speed. wmv should be supported natively on
windows at least.

Also, when all options are visible ina scrollable
field it would be nice if the scrolling arrows were
grayed out or better yet disappeared altogether since
one cannot see otherwise that in fact all items in a
list are already visible.

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