Trapping pasteKey message in the Rev IDE

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Thu Feb 28 18:36:44 EST 2008

On 29/2/08 10:28 AM, "Scott Rossi" <scott at> wrote:

> Recently, Terry Judd wrote:
>>> Terry, you can override nearly any message by trapping it in a
>>> frontScript handler inserted into the message path after Rev loads.
>>> Plugins generally work well for this as they're loaded after Rev's own
>>> frontScripts.
>> Hi Richard - I actually tried inserting a frontScript with a pasteKey
>> handler included but it never fired. Given that there doesn't appear to be
>> any Rev frontscript for pasteKey I assumed that this and related message are
>> somehow handled differently in the IDE - but I'm only guessing.
> Hi Terry:
> I was all prepared to dismiss Richard's suggestion because I SWEAR I've
> tried to do what he said before, but when loading the following as a
> frontScript, I get the behavior I want (and I think you do to):
> on commandKeyDown K
>   if K = "v" then put "A paste occurred"
>   wait 20 with messages
>   put ""
>   pass commandKeyDown
> end commandKeyDown
> Using Rev 2.8.1 Win/Mac the above seems to work as expected.

Hi Scott - following Mark's suggestion I too tried a simple commandKeyDown
handler - which, as you say, works no problems. I had incorrectly assumed
that if the pasteKey message wasn't available in the IDE then trapping
commandKeyDown and testing for the 'v' key wouldn't work either.

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